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Recover Disabled Accounts

Welcome to Arroapp

With the help of our Instagram hacker, recover lost passwords even if you have no access to the e-mail you signed up.  Crack any account password with our tools; we use brute force methods, backdoors, exploits, any loopholes, anything that we can use to our advantage.  Our app has an enormous amount of features in its arsenal. It will not only get the login info, but it can also save photos, videos (including old photos & vids that have been deleted), direct messages (DMs from deleted conversations from the past), and old stories that went over the span of 24 hours.

Just how easy is it to hack Instagram?

Arroapp is has been made to perform fast.  Hacking someone’s Instagram profile can take as little as one minute, and you don’t even need to have their device. It can all be done remotely from another phone, tablet, or computer. Suspect your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse is cheating on you?  Use it to spy on their DMs to see if they are truly loyal to you.  Or maybe you just want to play a prank on your friends and leave funny memes in their profile without them knowing who really did it. View private accounts without having to follow them and waiting for them to approve. If they don’t know who you are, they most likely won’t accept your request, but with Arroapp you don’t have to send a request, just input their username then shortly after you’ll be able to view their profile plus any of their pictures and videos. How you use the Instagram hacking tool is totally up to you.

Access Deleted Content

You will be able to access deleted conversations, photos, and videos. Access Instagram’s cache of pics, videos, and DMs. Stories last 24 hours then after that they’re gone forever.  Recover and save stories that were deleted or passed their life span. If you leave or delete a conversation, you won’t see any of their old or new messages being sent out. Access past conversations and find out what the others are saying if it was a group chat, even if you’re not in the group anymore. Users can also “unsend” any of their messages. Enabling specific settings in the app will let you save all messages instantly and keep a log of everything. Including posts, photos tagged in, videos, photos, etc. So if you’ve taken a hiatus from Instagram, you’ll quickly get back up to date on any news once you get back.

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Full access & account control

Once you have successfully hacked the profile of your choice, total control is now yours. You can check out the feed, read DMs, post photos, vids, etc.  Use it just like how you normally would use Instagram. The power to delete everything on the account will be in your hands. Once you do this, there is no way the user’s profile can be recovered. The whole server gets wiped clean of any traces of the profile. You also get the added option to save videos, pictures, stories, and direct messages. As well as send DMs, post pictures, upload videos, comment, like, bookmark, etc.

Hack & recover Instagram passwords

If you need the password of someone’s Instagram account you will need to hack them. Some methods include having a keylogger on their phone which transmits the keys pressed directly to you when they enter in their password. Another method used is by sending them a phishing email. When they click on the link in the email they get sent to a page where it asks them to verify their account by entering their login information. The login credentials then get sent over to you.

Or are you trying to recover a password you completely forgot for one of your accounts? If you can’t verify that you’re the original owner through SMS text or email then you’re completely out of luck. Until now.

recover disabled instagram accounts

Recover deleted or disabled Instagram accounts

Have you ever tried logging into Instagram only to find out they disabled your account without any reason or warning? You get a message saying your account violated their terms of service but not specifying exactly which term you broke. All that hard work posting pictures and videos, getting a ton of followers in the process now down the drain! With absolutely no way of recovering your account.

We have been successful in recovering many deleted Instagram accounts with Arroapp. If for some reason we are not able to re-enable your disabled account then we can at least back up and save all media that was uploaded. The app can also save a list of all the followers you previously had and send them a custom message. This will help get all the followers you previously had to follow your new profile.

We’ve also added an option to automatically re-upload selected or all the media onto your new account. We recommend you read Instagram’s TOS before you do this to prevent uploading anything that might get your account disabled again.

Un-block yourself to comment, view stories, accounts & watch live video

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been blocked by someone? Maybe one of your friends told you to check out a live video but only to find out that you can’t with your account, even though you’re following them. If this is the case then they most likely added you to their “hide my story from” list. There’s no way getting out of this list unless they manually remove you from it.

We have found a way to hack this so that you still remain on the “do not share” list but still have viewing priorities without them knowing. Your account name will not pop up on who viewed the story so the owner won’t freak out and try to find out what’s going on. If you’re trying to stay hidden and all you want to do is spy on them, we recommend you refrain from leaving any comments, messages, or giving any likes.

Find the actual Geo Location of the Photo

Arroapp can find the actual location of where the photo or video was taken even if the user doesn’t share it or uses another location in the photos place. As long as the metadata was not altered before the photo was uploaded then the GPS coordinates can still be read. Once the GPS coordinates are recorded you can enter it into Google maps and it will pinpoint exactly where it is.

The only Instagram hack that can download all the media & messages

Saving media, DMs, a list of your followers and people you’re following is simple. You select what you want to keep and with a click of a button, everything will get backed up in no time. That includes videos, pictures, messages, stories, photos & vids with a list of people who liked and commented, plus a few more other options.  All the files get compressed into a zip file which can be extracted and viewed on your iPhone, Android, or desktop computer.

Untraceable & Undetectable

You will go unnoticed and undetected by the user you’re trying to hack and even bypass Instagram’s security measures without being notified. The program cleans up after itself, removing any trace or footprints. Even if they do find out their account has been compromised they won’t exactly know who did it. Any chance of finding out who did broke in the account will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We use high-security encryption to communicate and keep the user anonymous through VPNs and proxies. If the person you planing to hack is logged into their account and online at the same time. A notification will pop up with a warning, and it’s best to wait until they leave the Instagram app before you continue to proceed. We highly recommend you wait until the user is offline or has logged out before trying to take control.

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Works on Mobile Devices & Desktop Computers

ArroApp is compatible with most mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, running iOS and Android. We also developed it to work on desktop computers running on Windows or Mac operating systems. You have the option to download the application and uploaded it manually or visit our website from your mobile phone. It will auto-detect and download the appropriate version for your device.

We frequently update the mobile app & desktop software

Anytime an update is released we get to work, making sure our Instagram hack operates with the latest version. Any new updates will instantly be pushed to your device with a notification letting you know it’s ready for download. New updates and versions of Arroapp can be downloaded directly from the app or on the website homepage.