Instagram top posts hack

We found out how to game the algorithm for getting your content featured for the hashtags that you use!  Going viral for popular hashtags will boost your engagement and get you a significant amount of new followers.  Here are some top post hacks you can do on Instagram to help you get your photos or videos out there.

instagram top posts hack

How to get featured for the hashtags you use

When you click on a hashtag link, you’ll usually see two separate parts.  A top posts segment with nine images and right below it is the recent posts.  There is also a dedicated section for locations and business.  If the hashtag is not that widely used, then you might only see the recent photos.

Receiving a lot of links and comments in a short amount of time (usually within an hour) will land on the featured page for one or more of the hashtags that you’ve used.  Once this happens, your post can go viral if you’re using popular hashtags.  Doing this will help you get more impressions and followers.  It’s one of the best ways for you to gain a ton of exposure without having to pay.  When you make up there, you stay up there forever unless someone else’s post has you outranked.

Get to the top by hacking the algorithm

There are two ways you can game the algorithm.  You can do things manually or have a bot do things automatically for you using an Instagram hack.  Using a bot will immensely help free up time, which you could use to focus on more important things like posting super engaging content.

The manual way

As soon as you post an image, you have to get to work right away.  Try to get your friends, family, and followers to like and comment on your photo.  Getting them to “send to” their friends or anyone else on Instagram will also help boost your engagement.

One quick hack that can easily be done is by going to an account with a huge following.  Check the most recent post and go into the comments section.  If there are a lot of comments with “Lb,” then you’ve found the right account to get more likes to your photo.  “Lb” means “like back” you might even notice “Cb” which stands for “comment back” these are people who are willing to give a like on your photo if you like theirs as well.  Go through the list of people and start liking their content.  The downside to this method is that it eats up a ton of time.  What if I told you there is an easier way.

Use an automated bot to speed up the process

This bot is built right into our Instagram hack.  It can automatically do everything for you including following others, commenting on their photos, send DMs, post pictures at certain times, scrape batches of images, etc. One of the most popular features is being able to download all the photos and videos on any account.  You just input the profile screen name into the app, then hit start.  It will notify you when the job has finished and ready for download.  The images and videos will be in a compressed zip file.

Instagram bot

Convert people who engage with your content into followers

Now you have an audience of people engaging with your images and vids the plan is to keep them coming back for more.  Try to post quality content while maintaining a certain theme.  Having your unique style will set you apart from the rest of everyone else.  Another hack that you can easily do is to put a reminder in your posts, tag three friends, comment, like, and turn on notifications for your account.  It will keep them updated instantly as soon as you post something new.  Plus it will help get you get new followers when they tag their friends.  Skyrocket your social media campaign by using these methods along with the top posts hack app.